Will advanced technologies play a future role in your supply chain?

Did your business successfully pivot?

Supply Change Conference - Supply Chain Lessons Learned During 2020

What lessons will be learned from dealing with a global pandemic? 

How robust was your supply chain?



2020 will go down in history as one of the most impactful years in modern history for businesses around the world. 

In our lifetimes, most of us have not experienced hoarding, product shortages, long-term borders closures or complete lock downs.  Retailers and conventional businesses are failing at a record pace, while ecommerce is exploding.  Domestic manufacturing is undergoing a resurgence as international trade is squeezed. 

Supply Chains Have Forever Changed.

  • What lessons will be learned from dealing with a global pandemic? 
  • How robust is your supply chain? 
  • Is your business successfully pivoting?
  • Will advanced technologies play a future role in your supply chain?
  • How will your supply chain help you achieve future success?

These questions and more will be discussed during the one-day Supply Change Conference.  Join a leading list of experts who will share wisdom and guidance on how we can continue to improve and streamline supply chains.

Supply Change Conference is being in held in partnership with Supply Chain Canada - Alberta Institute.  

Members are eligible to receive a $50 discount off the current rates.  Please email marketing@eventworx.ca for details.  

Supply Change Conference will be offered as a hybrid conference

Let's get back to business.

It's time to get back to business, learn from one another and meet again.  Supply Change Conference will be offer as a virtual and interactive experience.  Supply Change Conference will be more than a Zoom call, we are utilizing the best software to provide access to the speakers, networking, virtual trade show, and even a virtual reception. Let's drive change together.

Meaningful Discussions

Looking for immediate, actionable concepts you can bring back to your business for implementation?  Supply Change Conference is a one-day, high impact experience designed to provide meaningful discussions and advice.

Interesting in sharing your wisdom with others? Apply now to become one of our thought leaders.

Supply Change Conference - Meanful Discussions
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Is your organization a Supply Change Leader? Lets get your brand in front of supply chain managers, business owners and their management teams.  

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Like so many, we too were impacted by the downturn of 2020.  Our plan was to host Supply Change Expo in October 2020.  Hosting a large scale, comprehensive multi-day international conference & exposition simply became unattainable.  Supply Change Expo will take place in October 2021.

About Supply Change Expo 2021

Over two days, the supply chain community will assemble with industry experts, change leaders and technology providers from dozens of industries across North America. Explore supply chain topics in short sessions and interactive education workshops, and unite with business owners, SCM professionals, transportation & logistics experts, and more.

Now attendees have the opportunity join industry colleagues at Supply Change Conference on October 27, 2020 and again at Supply Change Expo in October 2021.